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Course: Advanced Level History Facilitator: Alicia Palmer (M.Sc.)
Interactive Assessment – (The American Revolution)
Assignment 1: Essay Critique
Listed below are three essay questions. Choose one question and respond to it. After completing the essay you will post it to week 4’s discussion board. Please do not affix your name to your paper only your student identification number, this will ensure your anonymity. By posting your essay to the week 4 discussion board students will be able to read your essay and comment. The final grade will be given by me. The comments from students provide an interactive discussion of the ideas in your essay. It also provides useful feedback.
Heavy taxation was a necessity for Britain if she wanted to regain her financial power in the 1760’s Discuss.
Question 2
Analyze the effect of Britain’s neglect on her colonies in the years leading to the American Revolution.
Question 3
Discuss the various taxes imposed by Britain on the colonies and justify the necessity of these taxes.

Table 1: Essay Rubric

1-2 points
4-5 points
Thesis statement or paragraph.
Thesis statement is not present. Reader has to search the essay to find a thesis statement.
Thesis statement is somewhat clear. Topic of discussion is partially identified. Thesis statement is considered to be ambiguous.
Thesis is very clear and identifies topic of discussion. Thesis statement is built upon throughout the paper.
There is limited analysis of causes.
There is brief analysis of the causes. Student has shown that they understand the causes. This is evident in the application of concepts.
Excellent analysis of causes. Student is able to identify definitive causes of the revolution. The relative impact of the causes of the revolution has also been clearly identified.
Knowledge of subject matter.
Student has limited knowledge of subject matter.
Student has fair knowledge of the causes of the revolution. Student identifies key concepts and ideas.
Student has extensive knowledge of causes of the revolution.
Support of thesis
Thesis is minimally supported throughout the essay
Thesis is fairly supported throughout the essay. Student makes links to thesis briefly.
Student identifies thesis throughout the essay. There are clear linkages throughout the paper.
Essay has limited organization
Essay is fairly well organized using thesis statements. Paragraphs are well linked.
Essay is well organized through the use of linking sentences.

Total points 25

Assignment 2: Mini Quiz. 4pts
The syllabus quiz consists of 4 multiple choice questions. Each question is valued at 1 point. In order to receive 4 points students must get all questions correct. The aim of this quiz is to provide me with information on how well students are familiar with the syllabus. The quiz consists of only the items covered in the syllabus. It will also give me information on how to improve the syllabus. The syllabus quiz is given at the beginning of the course.
Assignment 3: Chat Sessions 16points
There are a total of 8 chat sessions in this course. Each chat session is valued at 2 points. Chat sessions are 1hr long. At the start of the course students will be assigned a chat session topic. Chat session topics are based on the module topic for each week.
This means that students will be given a chat session topic before the course begins. There will be 2 students leading the chat session each week. Students will be graded based on their ability to guide the discussion and present ideas for discussion. The list below identifies the chat session topics.
Week 1- Discussion of the American Story
Week 2: Discussion on Liberty
Week 3: Discussion on the American Journey
Week 4: Discussion on the Boston Massacre
Week 5: Discussion on preparing for the war
Week 6: Discussion on the people of the revolution
Week 7: Discussion on the causes of the war
Week 8: Course Review Discussion

Assignment 4: Group Project -15 points
The aim of this assignment is to get students to work with each other. This assignment is due in week 6. Students must prepare a power point presentation or an audio video presentation. There are four groups. Students will be notified of groups before the start of the course.
Group 1 Topic: Background to the Revolution
Group 2: Causes of the Revolution
Group 3: Important Leaders of the Revolution
Group 4: Taxation
Group Project Rubric
0-1 point
2-3 points
4-5 points
Use of visual aids
No visual aid or limited use or visual aids
Visual aids are presented that have some relevance to the topic
Visual aids are presented and are extremely relevant. Various types of images are used. Video and audio are also used.
Content Coverage/knowledge
Little or no content covered
Some content covered but additional details needed.
Content is covered well and student show extensive knowledge of the topic.
Organization and group participation
Little or no organization. Few group members participated.
Some organization.
Most group members participated
Very organized. Topic organized according to themes. All group members participated.

Assignment 5: Journal Entries (A new spin on the discussion board)
There are 8 journal entries for the entire course. Journal entries are based in the questions posted in the discussion board. You will post your journal entry each week and respond to at least one colleague’s journal article each week. The journal articles are worth 2.5 points each. The 8 journal articles amount to 20 points. This assignment is different from the traditional discussion board because you are expected to identify what you have learnt. The idea is to show how the readings have personally influenced you.
Journal Rubric
2.5 pt
Relevance and interaction with technology as source of validating opinions
Journal entry shows some personal reflection on the topic. Limit reference to expert opinion.
Highly reflective. Some use of technology. Student uses references from internet databases.
Highly reflective. Use of several references. Shows interaction with technology.

Assignment 6 Module Quiz
Students will be given mini quizzes on each module. There are 8 modules and so there will be 8 mini quizzes. Each quiz consists of multiple choices, true or false or multiple response questions. Each quiz is valued at 5 points. All 8 quizzes amount to a total of 40 points. Quiz questions will be randomized. This means that the computer will select questions from the question bank. The aim is to ensure that no student receives the same questions. However all questions will be based on the content covered in the module. Questions are equal in levels of difficulty.
Assignments 1- 6 total 120 points.

Extra Points. 10 points
Students are eligible to receive extra points if they complete one of the following assignments. These assignments maybe considered additional work but they are within the confines of the course. You may choose to do these additional assignments or you may opt not to do them. You will not be penalized if you choose not to complete one of the following for extras points.
Option 1
Expert Blog.
Create a wiki in which you invite individuals who are experts in the field to write about the topic. To create a wiki go to www.wikispaces.com. This site gives you the option of creating a free wiki. Once you have created your wiki you may opt to name it and provide sections under which each expert may write. You will need to identify at least 3 aspects of the course that are considered relevant to you. This assignment gives you the opportunity to interact with technology. After you have finished creating the wiki send me a link to the website.
The assignment will be graded based on the following criteria:
1. Originality 2 points – (0 marginal - 2 exceptional)
2. Creativity 3 points- ( 0 marginal 2 acceptable 3 excellent)
3. Content 4 points ( 0 marginal, 2 minimal, 3 acceptable , 4 excellent)
4. Expert opinion 3points ( 0 marginal, 2 acceptable , 3 excellent)
Total 10 points

Option 2 The Movie the Patriot 10 points
Watch the movie The Patriot and write a summary of the movie. Identify the causes of the revolution according to the movie. This assignment is also worth 10 points. You will be graded according to content (5